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about me

that redheaded, country music singing, photo taking cat lady.

(I sometimes wear pink because my 9th-grade geometry teacher told me I couldn't because of my red hair.

Thanks, Mrs. Taylor.)



I'm that redheaded, country music singin', photo takin' cat lady. I graduated from Appalachian State in 2011. My childhood & lifelong dream then lead me to Nashville, TN to boot scoot at the Grand Ole Opry. Since then I have moved back to the North-Western Carolina mountains. I live happily in my dream home with my husband Garrett and 3 cats, Gillian, Lester Catt (with two t's) and Mags. 


You can find me most days constantly making changes to my website (I literally awake at night with ideas), editing portraits from the previous weekend's wedding or snuggling on a cat or two. I'm obsessed with avocados on everything, classic country music (think Tanya Tucker or Ray Price), whipped cream (it's low carb!), seeing my work in print, anything Rifle Paper Co., John Mayer, loud floral dresses, checklists, watching creepy crime shows with Garrett and embroidery on every piece of clothing I own.


Photography is generational for me: from my great-grandfather, grandfather, my dad, then on to myself.


My style is fresh, colorful, clean and classic. As much as I like neutrals, I'm still a vibrant and colorful girl at heart!


I am not trendy. I never want my images to be hip. I want to remain true to classic and traditional style. When you sit down to show your grandchildren your wedding portraits, I want your photographs to look timeless and not dated with heavy filters or edits. Natural light is always best. I strive to show you off in the most beautiful way possible while still staying true to scene.





I'm a newlywed!

Garrett and I were married on September 7, 2019 - YES - just recently! We had the most beautiful and fun day in Glendale Springs, NC at the

Glendale Springs Inn. 

Our day was full of things we're passionate about including tacos, classic country music, sweet words, nudie suits (google it) friends that are like family

and bright colors! 

Images by Common Dove Photography

You are welcome here.

I vow to serve each and every person regardless of age, sexual orientation, nationality, gender identity, skin color, or religion ... in business and life.

I believe in your story.

- A note from Caroline & Jacob

"I knew she wasn't just going to be my photographer but she would be a lifelong friend."

"Megan is one of the most talented photographers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She not only climbed the side of the mountain to get my dream bridal shots, but she was also so wonderful at making me feel comfortable in front of the camera (which has never been a comfortable place for me). From the first time I met Megan I knew she wasn’t just going to be my photographer, but she would be a lifelong friend. Megan works so incredibly hard the day of to make sure she gets all of the magnificent shots that will last a lifetime. Jake and I cannot thank her enough for all of her hard work and ability to make us enjoy picture taking."


(WARNING: These are all taken at the end of the night when the married couple is still beautiful and I'm still gross from working!)