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December 4, 2017

These two are the cutest little folks. The day that I met them over lunch at Our Daily Bread in Downtown Boone I immediately became excited for their upcoming wedding. Jessica and Chris have an October 2018 wedding planned at White Fence Farm. It's going to be such a beautiful day right in the middle of peak leaf season. 




How did you two meet?

Jessica: "We actually met in high school when both our families went on the same Caribbean cruise. From the moment I saw him I had the biggest crush on him and I spent most of the first days of the cruise following him around. We found out we were both from the same town in Florida and that was the start of it. We started officially dating a few days into the cruise and here we are today!



What was it like early in your relationship?

Jessica: "We went to different high schools so I felt like the coolest kid waiting for my boyfriend to come pick me up in his car after school when we would go on dates. We were also so nervous in the beginning that we wouldn't eat anything on these dates and I would go home ravenous!" 


How long have you guys been together?

Jessica: "We started dating in 2010 but split up for a bit in undergrad before reconnecting. So about six years in total."



Tell me any funny story involving the two of you.

Jessica: "I’ll never forget the time that I had to pick Chris up from a campus parking lot at 3 a.m. He went on a trip to the University of Virginia and on the last night decided to go streaking with a group of friends. Turns out, he’s not super good at it. He wipes out running down a hill, breaks his foot, suffers through the night and the bus ride back to Florida, and upon arrival, hobbles straight into my car and off to the emergency room. We spent the next month explaining to doctors, family friends, etc., that Chris hurt his foot while running barefoot … in the dark … and trying to skirt the inevitable follow-up questions."



Name one thing you love about each other.

Jessica: "I love how Chris is unbelievably patient. He makes me feel like I can truly be myself because I'm not afraid to make mistakes around him."

Chris: "Jess is one of the strongest women I know and watching her go after her dreams is my constant inspiration to chase my own."



How did Chris propose?

Jessica: "The day after we moved up to North Carolina was our dating anniversary. He had planned a sunset hike for us, which seemed normal enough to me since it was our anniversary. When we got to the top and were watching the view I noticed his heart was racing incredibly fast and I wondered why he was so out of shape. Then, all of a sudden when the sunset was perfect he asked if I wanted my anniversary gift. He got on one knee and pulled out the ring I had showed him that I liked half a year ago. I (of course) burst into tears and said yes. Apparently my parents were also in cahoots and had booked us all a nice dinner reservation for that evening."



What's next for you two?

Jessica: "In the next two years I'll be finishing up my master's degree in nutrition, completing my dietetic internship and hopefully becoming a registered dietitian nutritionist. After I finish, Chris plans to go back to school for a PhD in history. And of course we're getting married in between all of that! It's a busy and exciting time for us."





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