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June 29, 2018

It sounds cliche to say that their love was very evident but it absolutely was. These two were bursting with joy for each other. Lauren and Ellie both wrote their own vows that had even passerby's at the Inn in tears. I'm so thankful that I was chosen to witness this beautiful marriage. Plus, there's just something beautiful about two white dresses. :)


How did you two meet?

Lauren: "We both lived in really small towns, which can be hard for LGBT people to meet, so we actually met through a dating app. It's funny though, because it was kind of a crazy coincidence that we met at all since we lived almost 3 hours away from each other. We like to call it kismet."



What was it like early in your relationship?

Lauren: "It was hard because of the distance, but we decided from our first date that it was worth the time and effort. We would switch weekends and days off of work to spend time together. Despite the distance however, we've always had a really simple, easy relationship. We're best friends, honestly, so it was never something either one of us felt obligated to do."




How long have you been together?

Lauren: "Ellie and I have been together almost a year."



Name one thing you love about each other.

Lauren: "Ellie has such an amazing, open heart. It's something I've always admired and adored about her. She's so genuine and honest and she's one of the funniest people I've ever met."

Ellie: "I love how creative Lauren is, she just has an eye for beauty. She's genuine and romantic, and I've always loved how she can take my breath away."



Who proposed? How did they do it?

Ellie: "We talked it over and collectively decided that we wanted to get married. Lauren wanted to make it official later on and proposed at home. She learned how to play my favorite song acoustic "Sleep on the Floor" (by The Lumineers) and lit candles all around the room. She sang the lyrics: "Decide on me, yeah decide on us....ohh ohh ohh Ellinor, Ellinor" while on one knee. The song actually says "ohh ohh ohh Illinois, Illinois but I always sing my name because I'd like to think the song was written just for me haha. It brought me to tears because of the thought and meaning behind the song."



What's next for the two of you?

The two of us will be attending UNCG in the fall. Ellie will be majoring in Therapeutic Recreation and Lauren will be majoring in New Media and Design. We just moved into our first apartment together in Greensboro and we're both really excited for this new chapter in our lives.



Any funny stories involving the two of you?

For Valentines' Day this year I had told Ellie that I couldn't get off work, but I had planned to surprise her. I had been talking and scheming with her roommate to make sure that she didn't find out but the day before I was supposed to come her roommate Brody called me and told me she was planning on coming to my house to surprise me so I rushed to make it to her house and set up her surprise and waited for nearly four hours because she was shopping for my Valentines' Day presents and decorations for me haha. On the low Ellie was upset I spoiled her surprise but it was definitely worth it to see her reaction when she came home.





Venue: Pisgah Inn // Photography: Megan Sheppard Photography  // Rings: Etsy // Dresses: David's Bridal // Flowers: Fresh Market // Cake: Fresh Market // Cake Topper: Ellie's Brother





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