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October 2, 2018

How did you two meet?
Lindsey: "Oh my, we met in the wonderful parking lot of Walmart! Haha! My friend and I were going to meet some guys. She had been talking to one of the guys for a while and I was just going to meet up with a school friend, but he had a girlfriend LOL so I was surprised he was wanting to hang out at Walmart! Anyways, Matt saw me talking to this guy that had a girlfriend and he totally thought he was cheating on her, which was not the case. Matt drove over to our vehicles being nosy, which ended in my friend leaving because Matt and I were talking so much. That was the best night ever, I had never met a guy that was so much fun to be around!"



"It was like I had known Matt my whole life."


What was it like early in your relationship?
Lindsey: "It was amazing just like it is now. Matt and I skipped the shy, awkward stage. We immediately bonded. It was like I had known Matt my whole life. I could talk to him about anything. We honestly have hung out with each other almost every single day since we met. Matt and I were like two peas in a pod and we still are."



How long have you been together?
Lindsey: "The day of the wedding we had been together for 2 years & 11 months."



Name one thing you love about each other.
Lindsey: "I love the way Matthew puts a smile on my face every day."
Matt: "I love the way she cares and supports me."





Who proposed? How do they do it?
Lindsey: "Matthew proposed to me in my parents front yard beside my car. I had already got in the car to leave when he yelled that something was wrong with the side of my car. Of course, I got out running to see what he was talking about and when I got around the car, he was down on one knee. It honestly took me by surprise. It was simple and perfect."



What's next for the two of you?
Lindsey: "We are currently in the process of fixing up our home. We plan to be finished by the end of the year. After the house is done, we are going to relax and start making plans for a family. We are going to enjoy married life to the fullest."




"I told Matt that he needed to call the fire department to get me down."


Any funny stories?
Matt: "One day Matt had to get on the roof of our house. He made it look really easy getting up there so I decided to get on the roof, too. It was all fine and dandy until we had to get off. Matt went down the ladder first and of course made it look like a piece of cake. Well, when it was my turn to go down, I couldn't convince myself to swing my foot onto the ladder. I'm afraid of heights and all I could think about was falling. I sat on the roof for about 25 minutes. I told Matt that he needed to call the fire department to get me down. He just stood there and laughed at me the whole time. Finally, Matt decided to be sweet and talk me down the ladder. You just had to be there to get the full effect."


(These are my grandparents. ^ I love everything about this image. Mama would DIE if she knew this image was out in the world of her cackling.

That's why I love it!) 





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