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April 15, 2017





Earlier this month, as most of you already know, I went on vacation to Arizona. It was THE most beautiful place I've ever been in my life. (Full Arizona blog post to come later :) :) )

I was given the amazing opportunity to hang out with Lauren & John for the first time (blind date for us) in the Scottsdale desert on April 2. We had the most amazing time exploring together, learning about each other and getting pricked by cacti. Lauren and I were obviously newbies when it came to what not to walk on or walk into. When they say jumping cacti are real - they're real. HAHA!


Lauren & John were absolutely perfect. As I was editing this session I felt like my chest was going to explode with excitement. I always tell my clients that going through photos after a session is like unwrapping Christmas presents over and over. This was definitely it. Enjoy!



Lauren: "I love the shot you have where you can see my shoulder tattoo. John has two tattoos: both for me! My tattoo for him says, "heaven is a place on earth with you." All you can see from that shot is the word "Heaven" and we both adore that."



How did the two of you meet?

Lauren: "We met a few months after I moved to Az, through a dating site. I was back in NY for three weeks, so we talked every day. He offered to pick me up from the airport, and my flight was delayed - he waited the whole time. He even got me Fireball and Oreos. When I got in his Bronco, we started talking like we had known each other for a long time, and he actually drove past my exit on the highway for four stops! We still laugh about that to this day.



How long have you been together?

Lauren: "We have been together for about four years. We love how different we are, and how we can balance each other, yet we have the same goals. We never gave up on each other. We went through a rough patch, and as a result John doesn't talk to his mom, sister, or anyone on that side of his family. It's been really painful, but it has been two years since then, and it helped motivate our decision: we are eloping later in 2017, in Flagstaff! We can get through anything together. Finding a partner who will be there for you, make sacrifices, and still keep trying is something that is irreplaceable."


Any fun facts?

Lauren: "John was born without enamel on his teeth, of which he recently had a procedure for, and I had braces. We had no pictures together - and now we have such beautiful ones! Who would have thought that from two people who hated to smile or be in front of the camera? It was worth the wait."



What's next?

Lauren: "Happiness is simple. We are both working and saving. We want a little house for our cats and we want to have babies. That's why we wanted pictures taken: one day we want to tell them about being in the desert, the nice people and they can see how we were."








When they tell you there are jumping cacti - there are jumping cacti. 


I had SOOOO much fun with this session and appreciate Lauren & John's kindness. Thanks for making my dreams come true!

**wipes tears from eyes** :)




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