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November 15, 2018



How did you two meet?
Camila: "We met July 4th of last year at Todd Island Park at the New River. Brandon was there by himself when I got there. Neither of us had any special 4th of July plans which is why it was such a random occurrence that we were both there. I like to assume it was fate that brought us together that day.  Honestly, we would say that if we hadn't decided to make it out to the river, we never would have met otherwise! We started talking over some beers and conversation flowed pretty easily.  We enjoyed the day in the sun together, tubing, playing with my pup Grace and getting to know each other. When it was time to go our separate ways we exchanged contact information. We went on ONE 'official' date after that and the rest is pretty much history!"



What was it like early in your relationship?
Camila: "Unique, for sure. Everything moved so quickly. Truly a blur of euphoria and love! We didn't really get to have that new and mysterious phase in the relationship because we immediately began living together. I know, CRAZY. From the day we met on July 4th, only one month had passed before we moved in together. But, luckily for us, it was just that easy. We definitely had our honeymoon phase though--we were inseparable."



Name one thing you love about each other.
Camila: "I absolutely love Brandon's intelligence. Its one of the things that attracted me the most to him and still does! He knows the most random things. It is simultaneously entertaining AND enriching. We always have something to talk about and he seems to always have something new to teach me. I love my nerd man!"
Brandon: "I love how Camila makes the room glow when she is around. She has an uncanny ability to put folks in a good mood and likes to make people smile. Her positive aura is undeniable."


How did he propose?
Camila: "Brandon had a really special proposal planned for me but at it was in January and was so miserably cold outside that it was near to impossible to get me to spend any time outside longer than a few minutes. He planned to take me to Todd Island Park where we met and propose. It would have been truly romantic but my stubborn butt was not having it. Brandon only had the ring for two days before he couldn't contain his excitement any longer hahaha. So, finally, he proposed to me after making me some yummy breakfast, in the privacy of our own home. It definitely took me by surprise. We were both shaking with excitement."


What's next for the two of you?
Camila: "That is a great question. After we get married we don't anticipate the dynamics of our relationship to change all that much. I am currently working on enrolling in a Geography and Planning graduate program at Appalachian State University. Brandon is working on becoming his own boss by becoming an independent contractor.  Boone is our home! But we are excited to face all that will come, together!"


Tell me any funny story involving the two of you.
Camila: "This is a hard one cause they're all just plain embarrassing! If we have to pick one though, it would be one time when we were walking through Wal-Mart (pre-engagement) and the greeter who was working there stopped us on our way out and asked us if we were married, to which we replied no. She then asked us if were planning on doing so and if not we should,  because we made such a cute couple. We just chuckled cause we hadn't talked about it yet! We should probably get that woman to marry us cause she obviously knew what she was talking about!"





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