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November 8, 2018




How did you two meet?
Stephanie: "We actually met online. On our first date we sat at the restaurant talking for hours. Our second date was only a few days later and it was also on Eric’s birthday, September 1.  After that we were pretty much inseparable."


What was it like early in your relationship?
Stephanie: "Early in our relationship, we could only spend a couple weekday evenings together because of our work schedule but we always spent most of the weekend together. When we were together we spent a lot of time talking about anything and everything, while listening to our favorite Pandora stations. It would be 2 pm in the morning before we knew it. We just seemed to mesh in every way. Even our differences compliment each other."



 How long have you been together?
Stephanie: "We’ve been together for a little over two years. Our first date was August 29, 2016."


Name one thing you love about each other.

Stephanie: "I love Eric’s kindness. He has such a gentle heart, especially towards animals, which I absolutely love about him!"

Eric: "I love Stephanie’s kind heart and the love that she shows the world around her!"


Who proposed? How did they do it?
Stephanie: "Eric proposed on December 5, 2017. He was waiting in the back bedroom when I got home from work. I happened to be on the phone when I came in the house so he called me back there saying that he had hurt his arm. I thought it seemed a bit suspicious 😉. When I went back there he was down on one knee, holding the ring up for me and asked me to marry him. It was the sweetest. Afterward, we went for a drink at the same place we had our first date to celebrate."


What's next for the two of you?
Stephanie: "Right now we’re focused on building the family business here in Blowing Rock, NC. We’re not quite sure what the future holds but looking forward to the adventure."


Tell me any funny story involving the two of you.
Stephanie: "Not sure how funny this is but we laugh about it now. We like to go on little adventures together and one time we were in Las Vegas and went to Red Rock hiking. It was a really hot day and we had taken a trail that we started questioning if it even was a real trail.  We finally found a real hiker that helped us get back to where we were and told us how to take one of the trails on the map.  Somehow as we thought we were taking the trail he told us to, we got lost again. We could not figure out how to get back to the parking area even though we could see the road and both of us were getting really nervous but neither of us wanted to admit it to the other person (we’re tough like that haha). We finally made it down to the park road but had to walk another half mile or so to get back to the main road! We joke now that we were lucky to get of out of Red Rock alive."




Thanks to the vendors who made this day possible!

Venue: Broyhill Gazebo, Blowing Rock American Legion // Photography: Megan Sheppard Photography // Dress: Coastal Knot // Floral: Park Place Florist // Hair & Makeup: Studio M Salon // Jewelry & Accessories: Coastal Knot, Twig & Honey // Jewelry: Cape Fear Jewelry & Antiques // DJ: DJ Faith // Cake: Courtney Cakes // Catering: Mellow Mushroom Blowing Rock // Rentals: Boone Rent-All


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