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November 27, 2017

When I was asked to shoot Lindsey and Shawn's wedding I was so pleased and excited to be shooting in my home state of Virginia. Just as expected, it did not disappoint. The venue, Lovewell Lodge, sat high up in the mountains tucked in. Early Saturday morning on my drive to the venue, as I passed a clearing it was a literal sea of fog. Just absolutely beautiful. This was only a sign of what the day would bring.


I had an absolute ball spending the day with Lindsey, Shawn, their families and friends. This whole group knew exactly how to have fun and did it up well!


Sorry I'm NOT SORRY about the amount of black and whites I've included in this post. THEY MAKE MY HEART WANT TO EXPLODE. 




What inspired your decor?

Lindsey: "The decor definitely came from me. I love the farmhouse look because it's simple. I've always been known to not wear jewelry or sparkles or anything too over the top. I love it because it tells it a story, too. A lot of our decor came straight out of our house which meant a lot to me because I can see it and use it forever."



What were you thinking when you saw the other at the end of the aisle?

Lindsey: "How lucky I was out of all the girls in the world that he picked me. My dad was also about in tears so I was talking to him about not tripping and wondering how many leaves my dress was collecting behind me."

Shawn: "How lucky I was and stunningly how beautiful you were. It brought me to tears."



Funniest memory of the day?

Lindsey: "Funniest memory of the day, HANDS DOWN ... Shawn's ESPN app notifying him in the middle of our ceremony. So appropriate."

Shawn: "Also that I forgot the Miller Lite to give to Earl in exchange for her hand!



BEST moment of the day?

Lindsey: "The best moment of the day for us was when they announced us as Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Custer for the first time. That's when we knew we had made it and all the stress of the day went away we could relax and have fun. Also, Dean (Shawn's frat friend that was bouncing everywhere) was going to give me a lap dance but I sacrificed my best friend, Logan, and she took it like a champ. That was borderline being the second funniest thing." << (Megan here - I probably would have taken that sacrifice for Lindsey, too! Seriously, dude had moves. Where's the sweating emoji when you need it?!)



Lindsey, if you could give any advice to future brides what would it be? 

(Meg here - future brides, listen up. Lindsey has A LOT to say when it comes to what you should and shouldn't do!)

Lindsey: "If I could give any future brides advice I would suggest having a "Jenny Collette" in your squad. You need someone that keeps the mood light and plays "Fancy" 30 times to help you not stress out, someone who feeds you alcohol to help you relax and have fun, someone to fight your battles for you so you don't freak out and someone you know who will drag you away from what you're doing and lock you in a tower because she has to. 


Also, pick your girls like you would pick flowers in a field. Who's been there for you? Who will have fun at all times no matter what? Who will pick leaves out of your dress? Who will bring the music and alcohol? Who will help you decorate?


Drink... calms you.


Get someone to do your hair and makeup that is AWESOME!


Don't do too much. Keep it simple otherwise you'll kill yourself. Guests aren't looking at decorations, they are looking at you. Spend time on that.


Write a note to your man before and have someone deliver it to him to read. Priceless.


Oh, and do it for you and him. Nothing else and no one else matters. This is the biggest lesson I had to learn in all of this because I am a people pleaser. Who cares if someone doesn't like your invitation or your decorations or your centerpieces.


Last, don't show anyone your dress but your momma. I received so many compliments on my dress because no one had seen it before --- not even my girls. Keep it a secret. It was so hard not to show but in the end it was worth it."



Thank you to all of the vendors who made this day possible!


Venue: Lovewell Lodge and Weddings // Photography: Megan Sheppard Photography // Dress: New York Bride and Groom of Raleigh // Rings: Etsy and Zales // Men's Wear: Overstock // Hair and Makeup: Katy Conner, Leigh Ann Holbrook and Kelly Wagoner // Floral: DIY // Officiant: Dave Johnson // Cake: Lindsey's Aunt // Catering: Country Cookin' // DJ: Rick Pruett // Invitations: Etsy 






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