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July 19, 2017

I'm thrilled to introduce you to Mr. and Mrs. Jordan & Meghan Nelson. I had the honor of shooting their engagement session back in December so being by their side on their wedding day was an absolute delight. If you don't already know, these two are quite famous. Jordan proposed to Meghan on MacRae Peak on Grandfather Mountain. Jordan also has a flourishing drone photography/videography business so of course he would film the whole thing. Their engagement made national news!!  >> ABC NEWS . Their wedding day was absolutely beautiful full of the color purple, succulents and plenty of details. Enjoy!


P.S. I went a little crazy with the amount of photos of bouquets but ... they were B E A U T I F U L!



How did you meet?


Meghan: "We met through mutual friends. I went to Tapp Room with a friend one night and Jordan was on security that night. My friend told me she wanted to introduce me to her new guy and she told me that he did security as well. Assuming Jordan was my friends’ guy, I went up to him and introduced myself and turns out it was the wrong guy but the right guy for me. Since then we have been inseparable."



Name one thing you love about each other.


Meghan: "Maybe it’s cliche but he never fails at making me laugh. He comes up with these funny voices and they always make me cry because of laughing too hard. My favorite is when he impersonates Zach Galifianakis from the movie, “ The Campaign.”

Jordan: "I love her laugh and her smile. It’s the sweetest thing and I love how much she cares about making both of us happy."



Most memorable moment of your wedding day?


Meghan: "One moment was during the ceremony and there must have been some confusion with the rings. Jordan slipped my ring on and when it came time for me to do his I didn’t have his ring. My sister was still holding it and before the officiant pronounced us husband and wife I quietly asked if I could put the ring on Jordan before it was all said and done. I waited 4 years to be able to put a ring on that man and I was not going to let him walk down the aisle with out it."

Jordan: "Sitting down at the reception dinner and looking up at the spot where I proposed. It ties everything back together and made it very surreal."



What were you thinking as you saw your love at the other end of the aisle?


Meghan: "I saw him before walking down the aisle and that took all my butterflies away. When I first looked at him at the end of the aisle, I felt like everything went silent and all was calm. I could hear the wind barely blowing and all I could do was smile at him. He was stunningly handsome so it was hard to not to smile at him, too."

Jordan: "How beautiful she looked and how happy I was for the moment to finally be there."



What's next for you two?


Meghan: "Right now we both want to continue to excel in our careers, travel a little more and enjoy each other’s company as a married couple and then in further years start to think about a family for us.  We both really would love to have kids in the future."



 Thanks to all of the WONDERFUL vendors who contributed to this special day!


Catering & Venue: Linville Ridge // Photography: Megan Sheppard Photography // Flowers: Millefleurs // Dress: Lace Bridal-Etsy // Suits: Men's Wearhouse // Hair: Shear Shakti // Makeup: Shauna Godwin // Rings: The Stone Jewelers //Accessories: Banana Republic // Cake:  Ugga Mugga Bakery // DJ: Dave Blanks Mobile DJ // Stationary: Katie Frye // Officiant: High Country Ministers






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