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October 18, 2017

From the bottom of Linville Falls to the top of Rough Ridge, this engagement session was a real adventure. Until this shoot, I had never been down to Linville Falls. You can now throw stones at me because I've been in Boone for WAYYY too long to have not hiked this trail before. Man, once I got down there I was in total awe. This place is beautiful. Not nearly as expansive as the Grand Canyon but it's still a similar feeling as you are hiking the trail down. You can hear the water and feel the breeze blowing but can't actually see anything till you get right on top of it. I was so impressed. Rebecca did a wonderful job picking out locations for this session. Enjoy!


How did the two of you meet?


Rebecca: "We met through mutual friends online.  We didn't meet face to face until we both attended a Halloween party on October 25, 2014.  Things went really well at our first face to face meeting and continued from there.  Something else interesting to note, I had gone on my first ever cruise the month before with some friends of mine.  When I met Josh’s parents in December, I found out that they were on the same cruise ship that I was on!"



What was it like early in your relationship?


Josh: "It was magical and sunshine and rainbows!"

Rebecca: "Honestly though, our relationship was relaxed very easy going.  We both knew what we wanted out of a relationship and were comfortable with one another to look ahead towards the future."



How long have you been together?


Rebecca: "I consider our 'start time' in October considering how things went well when we met at the Halloween party, but we didn't become 'official' until sometime in November.  He first told me he loved me on December 21st, 2014.  So, this October will be 3 years."



Name one thing you love about each other.


Rebecca: "It’s hard to name just one thing… Josh is extremely smart, handsome and funny.  He knows a lot about a lot of things and he’s just down to Earth."

Josh: "Rebecca has a good sense of humor, she's dedicated and is a hard worker.  I love how passionate she is about things."



-How did Josh propose?


Rebecca: "This past August was the solar eclipse that came across North Carolina and possibly a once in a lifetime opportunity.  We had made plans to travel to the furthest reaches of western North Carolina to be in the optimal location to watch the eclipse when it came through.  We had a wonderful weekend, with staying in our first B&B in Epworth, Georgia, spending some time on the Ocoee river and some hiking.  Monday morning, we ventured back into North Carolina and headed towards Andrews which was in the path of totality.  We turned too soon from where we were going to turn at which took us right through the middle of Andrews.  We happened upon a place called Andrews Brewing Company and stopped there to watch the eclipse.  There wasn't any special event going on for the eclipse but people had gathered there to enjoy a beer or a nice glass of wine to watch the eclipse.


We sat in the yard of the brewery (which is also a micro winery too so they had a small vineyard) and watched the eclipse.  As soon as the moon moved over the sun into full totality, I began to get emotional at what was happening.  Josh pulled me closer to him, tears slowly moving down my cheeks, as we watched the eclipse together.  As soon as the moon had completely covered the sun, Josh turned to me and said, "let's get married."  I turned to look at him, but it didn't click as to what he said.  I stared blankly for a few seconds and then turned back to watch the eclipse.  He pulled me closer to him and said it again, "let's get married" and it still didn't click.  As the moon began moving off the sun, I looked at him and he said it to me again, "let's get married."  This time, he added, "I'm really sure this time, I'm really sure, so what do you think?"  It clicked with me that time and I said yes.  He pulled me closer into him and we hugged and kissed and turned to watch the moon move completely off the sun.  It wasn't anything fancy or flashy so no pictures were taken or that sort of thing.  He had said that he was going to wait for the right time.  That moment was truly special!!"


What's next for the two of you?


Rebecca: "For the near future, we’ll be getting married but then after that, we aren’t sure yet.  I've been in school for a while so when I finish, I'll let Josh have the opportunity to go back and get his Bachelor’s degree.  As far as kids go, we aren't sure on that yet either.  We do have four legged fur babies that we consider our children, 3 cats and a dog.  The cats are Zöe, Stella and Gracie and the dog's name is Zoey. We both love having our freedom and could go either way on having or not having children.  I think we are leaning more towards enjoying freedom (from not having kids) than having them but that could always change."






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