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January 30, 2019


What was it like early in your relationship?

Sara: "What I remember most about our dating relationship is long drives on the Blue Ridge Parkway. To this day I still have sweet memories of us getting to know one other during these drives, including the time when Josh first told me he loved me."



How long have you been together?

Sara: "Married six years, but together almost eight."



"Josh is very a very thoughtful and attentive husband."


What's one thing you love about Josh?

Sara: "Josh is very a very thoughtful and attentive husband. Still to this day you’ll find him opening up car doors for me and surprising me with boutiques of flowers just because."



How did he propose?

Sara: "Josh planned a night of all my favorite things. He took me to my favorite restaurant, then to coffee, then to a Broadway musical in downtown Charlotte. (We sat second row center stage!) He ended the night by finally taking me back to his parent’s house where he put a blindfolded over my eyes and led me out to their pool deck. When he took the blindfold off I saw a lavish beach display with sand, a kiddie pool filled with (fake) fish, beach-scented candles and 'Will You Marry Me?' written out in seashells. He knows how much I love the beach, so he said since he couldn’t propose at the actual beach he decided to bring the beach to me!"



What's next for the two of you?

Sara: "We recently purchased our first home and moved back to North Carolina after living in Denver, CO our entire married life. Josh works in development for a local nonprofit and I’m currently looking for work in a similar field. We have 2 pups that we’re OBSESSED with and life is really good right now."



Tell me any funny story involving the two of you.

Sara: "When Josh blindfolded the night of our engagement I didn’t mention he left me standing in his cold, dark basement alone for a whole five minutes! I later found out he was getting the ring and giving himself a pep talk. Oh, and that Broadway musical he took me to see? It was the most depressing musical I’d ever seen about a family falling apart after their son’s suicide. At the time Josh knew nothing about musicals, so he did his homework and saw this one in particular had one a Tony Award that year and the lead actress from the original show on Broadway would be in the show in Charlotte. The one thing he forgot to check? The plot line. Minor detail!!!!"





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