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October 26, 2017

This was such a delightful and refreshing session for me. The Jolley family vacationed for a week here in the High Country from Georgia. Amanda told me they took full advantage of our mountains by hiking, taking a hot air balloon, ziplining, eating squeaky cheese at Ashe County Cheese and getting a thrill at Ghost Train!


This little family was full of so much love for one another. Bob and Amanda were a hoot together! Little Nicholas reminded me a lot of my own brother and was so good to be around. Hope you enjoy their photos as much as I do :)



How did the two of you meet?

Amanda: "Bob and I met on an Army field exercise in Fort Polk, Louisiana. Bob, a Staff Sergeant at the time, was giving a block of instructions. I wasn't really paying too much attention at that time, until I heard his accent. I love accents! And, his New York one, totally got me. On that same field exercise, I accidentally put on his blouser top with his name on it thinking it was mine. I immediately realized that it was too big but not before a friend of mine ran and told him. He then teased me the whole field exercise telling me I must want to be a Jolley. And here we have been married for 21 years. I guess he was right, I must have wanted to be a Jolley."



Name one thing you love about each other.

Amanda: "One thing I love about Bob is he never holds me back from doing an adventure. If I say I want to do something, he always helps me make it happen even if it's not something he is interested in. He understands that although we are a couple we are also individuals, too."

Bob: "I love that we work as a team."



Name one thing you love about Nicholas.

Amanda: "One thing I love about my Nicky is his humor. I especially love when he makes himself laugh. When he gets himself going, it just cracks me up. I also love his sense of adventure. He's my mini me when it comes to an adventure. He never says no to going or doing something new except for trying new foods. I'm not that adventurous in that department either. Lol!"

Bob: "I love the fact that he is so honest and open. He makes me a better person."



Any funny stories?

Bob: "I took out our dog Molly's pills one time and because I always set out Amanda's vitamins she thought they were hers. She took the dogs pills by accident! I called the hospital on the Army base and they said if she starts barking to call!!!"



What's next for the Jolley family?

Amanda: "Well, we see a move in our future. We are not quite sure where but we really loved the Boone, NC area. If we stay here in Georgia we will definitely be doing annual family vacations up to North Carolina. We just fell in love with it up there!"








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